This week, we finished the distribution of all tokens from the crowdfunding period back in 2017. This article summarizes what the crowdfunding has achieved up till now.

A little recap

The Internet of Coins crowdfund ended two years ago. Together, we were able to build some fantastic things, like a wallet that supports over 300 tokens and an awesome development platform. This was all made possible because of all crowdfund donations.


After the crowdfund we started distributing HYBRID tokens. Most people already received HYBRID tokens on 6 chains. We have had some setbacks implementing the seventh chain.

We tried the best we could creating HYBRID tokens on BitShares. After several bounties and months of hard work it wasn't possible to implement a stable solution.

After this bumpy road we decided that we still wanted to give our donators something back, and started our journey to find the right chain for the network. After some deliberate thought we decided to distribute HYBRID tokens on a new chain.

This chain is...

Dramatic drum roll


Ignis on the Ardor platform has been chosen as the seventh chain to distribute the HYBRID token. We have distributed HYBRID tokens on the Ignis chain to the crowdfund wallets. The crowdfund donators have now received their total amount of HYBRID tokens.

How to make them visible in your HYBRID wallet?

  1. Go to “Add wallet”
  2. Search for IGNIS.XHY
  3. Add it to your overview

The HYBRID tokens are now displayed in your wallet! As you can see in your wallet, you received some more Ignis HYBRIDs than on the other chains.


With the 2017 crowdfund reward allocation program, we promised to give bonus tokens three years in a row (5% in 2018, 3% in 2019 and 2% in 2020).

We decided to give these bonuses at once, with the distribution of IGNIS.XHY. The Reward Tokens have been sent in IGNIS.XHY.

What's next?

We are still working on some great things. What can you do with the token? At the moment, not much. However, we are working on a super cool idea to stretch the initial donations beyond the roadmap. More about that will follow.

What we’ve achieved so far

Wallet We’ve built a decentral wallet that supports 377 tokens on 26 different chains. (And doesn’t collect your data)

Tokens Distributed 7 tokens on 7 different chains.

Platform We created the open hybrix platform that makes cross blockchain development possible. (Without vendor lock-in and network lock-in.

Non profit We are still not-for-profit and open for everyone, not collecting your data, respecting your privacy and making a platform that can support eco-systems without exclusion of any party. Idealistic and agnostic, towards a united cryptosphere.

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