Our mission

Enable freedom and security by design for everyone

As centralized exchanges started to fail, we realized it was time for a different solution. We strongly believe in peer-to-peer over centralized systems with a single point of failure. We are blockchain agnostic and want to support all existing and future crypto-technologies in our independent, autonomous, and open platform.


Roadmap to our Decentralized Exchange (DEX)

Our wallet beta is now live! We are working towards expanding the platform into a decentralized exchange (DEX). Where users can trade cryptocurrencies peer-to-peer and can earn fees by participating as an liquidity allocator.


Wallet (alpha)
Support 17 chains and 380+ tokens
Wallet (beta)
Increase supported chains
Recipe scripts for open token support
Hardware nodes for local wallet
Wallet (v1)


Weavechain tech for currency trading
Hybrid assets tech for interlinking
Atomic/escrow swaps tech
DEX Exchange
Earn fees as liquidity contributor


Decentralized & deterministic wallet security

Our platform runs locally in your browser and encrypts all data. When you login to the wallet all packages are downloaded to your local browser cache and all your actions are client side encrypted before sending them over the internet. We use NaCL encryption libraries to encrypt and protect data using multiple tunnels of public and private key cryptography. We don’t store any of your data, other than your favorites settings encrypted in our Weavechain. This security also means that we can’t see or recover your account. You are fully in control, but also fully responsible.

Wallet master key

Wallet master key

We build our wallet to use a deterministic master key. You create a wallet on our platform by randomly generating a deterministic master key that automatically creates addresses on all supported blockchains. To send and receive transactions you select the specific blockchain address in your wallet.

Open platform for token support

We created an open platform where anyone can add support for their tokens to work on our wallet and exchange. This will enable us to scale and become the platform that supports the most cryptocurrencies and tokens.

This is made possible by something we call recipes. Recipes includes up to 12 characteristics of a token, needed to function properly on the blockchain it runs on. If we support the blockchain your token runs on, it’s easy to add support for your token. Developers can head to our Github to edit and submit their recipe. We will then test it before launching in the public wallet.

HYBRID asset for cross-blockchain swaps

We created world’s first hybrid asset on top of multiple blockchains. A hybrid asset could be used to diversify (portfolio) risk by spread across different blockchains and can create arbitrage possibilities across exchanges for active users.

Our HYBRID asset is build on top of 7 blockchainy

Our HYBRID asset is build on top of 7 blockchain

Our HYBRID (XHY) token makes cross-blockchain peer-to-peer hybrid swaps possible on our platform. Allowing users to trade cryptocurrencies between blockchains.

If you want to know more about our technology check out our FAQ or Whitepaper.


Not-for-profit & open source

Logo NLnet

Internet of Coins is a non-profit organization and part of a registered NGO (NLnet Foundation) which controls our expenditures to make sure the donations are spent in a responsible manner. With this organization structure we aim to continue the project for as long as possible.

The programming code to make this platform possible will become open source and accessible for everyone.


The people behind Internet of Coins

Joachim de Koning Founder
Robert de Groot Co-founder
Amadeus de Koning Developer
Antonio van der Weel Marketing Director
George Zeeman Project Manager
Bastian de Pooter Project Manager
Luca Verhees UX/UI Designer
Sergey Kazenyuk Informatics Researcher
Sander Visser Content Manager
Marco Alkema Developer
Rouke Pouw Developer
Robbie Miller Developer
Amine Ouadrhiri PR Manager
Emil Haugberg van Veen Developer
Jelle Herold Cryptographer
Kirsten Lamberink Accountability Advisor
Hans Schaaij Community Advisor
Ioana Deleanu Policy Advisor
Marietje Kardaun Ethics Advisor
Bas Wisselink Blockchain Advisor