As blockchain enthusiasts, we want to keep cryptocurrency politically and financially decentralized. With our open and autonomous platform, we want to support a diverse and plural crypto-ecosystem.

We are blockchain agnostic and want to support all cryptocurrencies. We believe that building yet another system-to-rule-them-all does not represent a way forward. Instead, our vision is that the best way to ensure freedom and justice for all is to integrate existing and future crypto-technologies into an independent, open and autonomous ecosystem.

We want to enable the free and unlimited exchange of value among crypto-ledger based systems and other financial systems. That is why we do not charge a fee to users.


Hybrid & Weavechain

The Internet of Coins decentralized wallet and (future) exchange will link crypto-ledgers together using our node-to-node networking daemon called hybridd agent called Hybrid and our scalable data chain that we call Weavechain.

Our weavechain is the decentralized storage system for Internet of Coins containing a sequence of interwoven block streams that can store different types of data. Like a blockchain, a weavechain can function as a public ledger of transactions that have been executed on a decentralized network.

We use Proof-of-Allocation (PoA) as consensus method for the weavechain. Users that allocate their own cryptocurrencies in Internet of Coins are automatically supporters of the network. Consensus is established using Raft.

Our Hybrid tokens provide a coherent store of value across multiple blockchains, diversifying risk. And they will serve as the vehicle to swap value between the different chains they are registered on. This will allow you to exchange value with users without the need for a centralized external third party.

The entire system is modularized. Every non-proprietary blockchain or value system can be hooked into this evolving network. We will support recipe scripts to make it easy for contributors to add support for their blockchain of choice.

A unique allocation schema ensures that currencies with a small marketcap receive the needed liquidity to support their exchange and relevancy within a healthy cryptosphere. In this way, we seek to support and expand markets towards maintaining a diverse and plural crypto-ecosystem.

If you want to know more about our technology or want to become a contributor check out our FAQ or Whitepaper:


Not-for-profit & open source

Logo NLnet

Internet of Coins is a not-for-profit organization and part of a registered NGO (NLnet Foundation) which controls our expenditures. This is to safeguard the donations and makes sure the donations are spent in a responsible manner. With this organization structure, we aim to continue the project for as long as possible.

Our Intellectual Property is given for the public benefit, so in case of a catastrophe, others can continue our work. The programming code to make this platform possible will become open source and accessible for everyone.


Roadmap to a decentralized platform

Our crypto wallet is the first step in this decentralized platform. We are working to expand the platform into a decentralized exchange (DEX) that allows you to trade cryptocurrencies peer-to-peer and gives the opportunity to earn fees by participating as an allocator.


Wallet (alpha)
Support 17 chains and 380+ tokens
Wallet (beta)
Increase supported chains
Recipe scripts for open token support
Hardware nodes for local wallet
Wallet (v1)


Weavechain tech for currency trading
Hybrid assets tech for interlinking
Atomic/escrow swaps tech
DEX Exchange
Earn fees as liquidity contributor


The people behind Internet of Coins

Joachim de Koning Founder
Robert de Groot Co-founder
Amadeus de Koning Developer
Sergey Kazenyuk Informatics Researcher
George Zeeman Project Manager
Bastiaan de Pooter Project Manager
Luca Verhees UX/UI Designer
Antonio van der Weel Marketing Director
Sander Visser Content Manager
Marco Alkema Developer
Roule Pouw Developer
Robbie Miller Developer
Emil Haugberg van Veen Developer
Jelle Herold Cryptographer
Kirsten Lamberink Accountability Advisor
Hans Schaaij Community Advisor
Ioana Deleanu Policy Advisor
Marietje Kardaun Ethics Advisor
Bas Wisselink Blockchain Advisor