Our mission

Enable freedom and security by design for everyone

As centralized banking systems and exchanges started to fail their clientele, we realized it was time for a different solution. We strongly believe in peer-to-peer over centralized systems with a single point of failure. We are ledger system agnostic and aim to support all initiatives that build independent, autonomous, and open platforms on hybrix.


Roadmap to make personal finance accessible for everyone

The hybrix wallet flagship application is now live! Follow our progress below.

Wallet (alpha)
Support 17 chains and 380 tokens
Wallet (beta)
Recipe scripts for open token support
Decentralized storage
Increase supported chains
Wallet (v1)
Distribute HYBRIDD on 7 chains
Support 30 chains and 387 tokens
Code base open source on Github
Swap technology


Decentralized & deterministic secure digital finance

Wallet master key

Deterministic wallet

The hybrix platform runs locally in your browser and encrypts all data. When you log in all your actions are client side encrypted. The wallet uses the safest open source Networking and Cryptography library (NaCl). Your personal data is not stored on servers. As an example hybrix has built a wallet that uses deterministic master keys. When you create a new wallet, your randomly created master key automatically creates addresses on all supported ledger systems. Sending and receiving transactions made easy. Internet of Coins has fostered success! Try it out to verify our claim.

Open platform for token support

We support the building of open platforms where anyone can easily add support for digital finance on both the hybrix wallet and swap system. Go ahead and contact us if you would like to implement decentralized finance in your organization!


Not-for-profit & open source

Logo NLnet

Internet of Coins is a non-profit organization and part of a registered NGO (NLnet Foundation) which controls our expenditures to make sure the donations are spent responsibly. With this organization structure we aim to continue the project for as long as possible.

The code to make this platform possible will become open source and accessible for everyone.


The people behind Internet of Coins

Amine Ouadrhiri Marketing Director
George Zeeman Project Manager
Jacob Petrovic Developer
Joachim de Koning Founder
Kirsten Lamberink Finance
Rouke Pouw Developer
Antonio van der Weel Marketing Advisor
Ioana Deleanu Policy Advisor
Marietje Kardaun Ethics Advisor
Bas Wisselink Blockchain Advisor