What is Internet of Coins?

We are a foundation fostering the development of secure decentralized digital finance solutions for non-profit organizations.

What has Internet of Coins achieved thus far?

We have helped to created the first decentralized agnostic platform for the development of secure personal finance called hybrix.


What is the technology behind Internet of Coins solutions?

Powering Internet of Coins solutions is a platform called hybrix. It is a multi-ledger platform that makes it possible to interact with a myriad of digital ledger systems. To find out more about hybrix visit

What is a hybrix protocol token?

hybrix HY tokens serve mainly two purposes.

First of all, they are the first unified asset that can be transferred between ledgers that are inherently incompatible.

Secondly, they serve as a vehicle to swap value between different ledger systems.


What happens to donations?

Funds are primarily used to compensate projects working on decentralized ledger technology, software & hardware expenditures, and legal and financial assistance. Before our crowdfunding in 2017, developers and team members have been compensated by the Dutch SIDN Fund (1, 2). We are very thankful for the support they have given us.

When did the initial crowdfunding for the Internet of Coins take place?

Between March 21st and June 21st, 2017. The crowdfunding was successful, and has made it possible for us to co-create the development of the hybrix platform.