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Interlinking all digital forms of value

Internet of Coins is an environment for personal finance. As a decentralized platform it enables an optimally inclusive financial network, interlinking all digital forms of value. It allows you to trade digital assets and currencies peer to peer, with an easy to use interface and the opportunity to earn fees by participating as an allocator.

In the past two years, the groundwork for this system has been implemented by a team that dedicates their time to the creation of an innovative open source financial networking agent called hybridd, that directly links crypto-ledgers together.
Power system

Love coins Existing wallets need no changes or adaptations to allow their blockchains and value systems to be hooked into this autonomous decentralized network.

We want to integrate all token value systems into an interconnected and financially liquid web. The current developments in cryptocurrencies are already overflowing with creativity, and we'd love to see these developments continue without imposing any artificial or technical limitations.

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The blockchain was conceived for transparency

The present cryptocurrency industry is fragmented and potentially at risk of becoming financially and politically centralized. Like ourselves, many blockchain enthusiasts would not want this to happen.

Many financial actors want to reap rewards by doing business in the cryptocurrency scene. We support this and believe this to be an inevitable development, yet we are also convinced that this must not pose a negative influence on the fundamental freedom of users and developers of cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin wallet We want to enable the free and unlimited exchange of value among crypto-ledger based systems and other financial systems.

Our vision for the Internet of Coins is an inclusive autonomous network, enabling anyone to participate and build alternative financial instruments and markets, featuring equality in participation, representation and influence.

Where peer-to-peer cooperation is rewarded and encouraged by way of incentives through open standards, aiming for inter-systemic equilibrium and freedom.

We believe that building yet another system-to-rule-them-all does not represent a way forward. Instead, in our opinion, the best way to ensure freedom and justice for all is to integrate existing and future crypto-technologies into an independent, open and autonomous ecosystem.

That is why we designed Internet of Coins to support all cryptocurrencies.


Modularized interconnectivity of blockchains and value systems

We have developed an interconnectivity platform with a node-to-node system called hybridd. It forms a web, featuring the ability to connect value systems and synchronize ingoing and outgoing data flows by way of a scalable data chain; an innovation that we call the weavechain.

The entire system is modularized.

From its scheduling and routing engine, the interfaces and adaptors towards various cryptocurrencies, up to its modern peer-to-peer encrypted communications system.
Test tube

Bitcoin network Our ultimate goal is to let every cryptocurrency autonomously become part of a massive swarm of decentralized global financial interaction. We aim to do this by enabling any actor in the network to establish value tokens, known as hybrid assets, that interconnect value systems and blockchains across markets.

We strive to allow every cryptocurrency to autonomously interconnect in a large swarm of decentralized economic activity, by using a weavechain.

The programming code to make this possible will be open source, available on a not-for-profit basis and freely accessible to all, in order to enable the impartial establishment of what we call the Internet of Coins.

Internet of Coins has the ability to communicate securely through time-honoured and well-tested standard internet protocols, as well as being able to employ deep web layered networks like TOR, I2P or ZeroNet when communicating between peers. Hybrid asset constructors afford liquidity and compatibility with a scala of different blockchain and ledger systems.Deployment

Integrated circuit No changes need to be made to any part of a cryptocurrency or value system to allow it to participate.

Every non-proprietary blockchain or value system can be hooked into this evolving network. A unique allocation schema ensures that currencies with a small marketcap receive the needed liquidity to support their exchange and relevancy within a healthy cryptosphere. In this way, we seek to support and expand markets towards maintaining a diverse and plural crypto-ecosystem.


Highlighting our development until the present-day

  • 2006-2011

    Our Humble Beginnings

    When we started, members of our team acquired extensive experience in financial markets, including foreign exchange, commodity trading and gold investment. We programmed on automated trading platforms, tested early electronic assets systems and developed a multi-asset trading infrastructure. Exposure to real and crisis market conditions in this crucial period contributed to our belief that a new approach to personal finance is necessary in order to put economic growth back into the hands of you and me.

  • 2012

    Initial Involvement in Crypto Markets

    Having observed the rise of the budding cryptocurrency markets since Bitcoin's release in 2009, we recognized the potential of this disruptive technology. Our team members worked with emerging altcoins and exchanges, and provided mining equipment to third parties. We gained thorough knowledge of the technologies behind crypto-platforms and blockchain platforms.

  • 2013

    Expansion of Cooperation

    In the course of time, our team gradually expanded taking professionals we know for their track record on board, thus bringing in additional hands-on experience in fintech and cryptography. We participated in a pioneer project to apply blockchain technology in the energy sector, and built a Bitcoin-fiat gateway system.

  • 2013-2015

    Stormwind Crypto Platform

    Starting in 2013, building on our earlier experience, we developed the Stormwind crypto trading system and related Hybrid Assets, which were announced to the public in 2014 and made available on the NXT and Counterparty market platforms. The Stormwind system traded using public APIs of various crypto-exchanges, to manage the funds allocated. Despite difficult market conditions, participants were rewarded profitably.

  • 2014

    The Inception of Internet of Coins

    Following the collapse of major centralised exchanges, the necessity for a fully decentralized exchange system became clear. We did not start with a fundraiser, since we wanted to ensure a ripened technological infrastructure in order to deliver on our promises. Instead, we authored our whitepaper and launched the website. Bitalo supported us with a seed donation in this initial period.

  • 2015

    Recognition of the Project

    On Bitcoin's 6th birthday we released our whitepaper, presented at several cryptocurrency conferences around Europe and pitched at Startup Bootcamp Fintech. The Dutch SIDN Fund recognized our non-profit project with a Pioneer Award as an "addition to a free and independent internet" and provided funding for its further development.

  • 2016-2017

    Establishing Our Infrastructure

    As the project grew in scale, we set up an office to work with the team. Our first operational prototype will be tested by an alpha-user community in the Netherlands to ensure security and usability. They provided us with essential feedback as to the usability and user experience of our personal finance environment, and continue to do so. Matthias Klees from The Federated Blockchains Initiative joined our cause and the NLnet Foundation became our funding and legal advisors.


The people driving the Internet of Coins project

Joachim de Koning


Robert de Groot


Amadeus de Koning


Steffen Hoffmann


Luca Verhees

UX/UI Designer

Sergey Kazenyuk

Informatics researcher

George Zeeman

Project Manager

Aymeric Vitte


Jelle Herold


Hans Schaaij

Community Advisor

Kirsten Lamberink

Accountability Advisor

Bas Wisselink

Blockchain Advisor

Ioana Deleanu, PhD

Policy Advisor

Marietje Kardaun

Ethics Advisor

Pim Weltevrede


Marjon Riehl

Translation Coordinator


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