Grapevine talk

On our chat channels there was some confusion over a message that did not come from us, and instructed people to make a wallet. Be sure only to respond to instructions that come from Internet of Coins directly. As per our terms ( we will release a public wallet to receive the tokens in the first quarter of 2018. See 'The release of the tokens' below for details. If you have any suspicions about emails claiming to be from Internet of Coins, or using the IoC name, please forward the contents to so we can take appropriate measures. Internet of Coins is an independent initiative and has NOT instructed any other organisation to speak on our behalf.

Alpha wallet updated

Our ALPHA wallet (only for testing purposes) was updated and now integrates many improvements. We invite people to try it out and give us feedback per email about their experience. Please keep in mind this is experimental code, so please do not store large amounts of value until the testing phase has been completed. The alpha wallet can now be reached at We'd love to hear some feedback on your experience with the wallet.

Tell me more, tell me more...

We now have a working implementation of deterministic Ethereum functions, so the ETH blockchain can be connected to our ecosystem. We have integrated the REST API into the command line wallet for testing purposes. Processes in the code have been segregated, or split up into separate streams, for more security. Account credentials are checked at login using a validation algorithm to prevent typing mistakes. Also our connectors to other RPC (remote procedure call) interfaces have been improved.

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