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 Topic of this week: foundation goals

Someone recently asked us why we were actually pursuing an initiative in fintech, as the market is booming and new startups with global ideas arise every week. Here´s actually the thing: we don´t consider Internet of Coins a financial venture.
Granted, with building a connection between different value systems for asset management we are facilitating the use of financial networks. But it is the technological advancement in personal freedom we are aiming for. The freedom to use any cryptocurrency or asset you like, the freedom to issue your own assets, and the freedom of not having to worry about a centralized third party holding your valuables. We call this social tech. Which is why we are working with a Greenpeace hackathon winner, a Free Press Unlimited developer, a public administrator, open-source hardliners and a development worker on the team. We want to keep our eyes fixed on our goal, which is in the line of ethics and not profits.

 Development evolution

This afternoon we had a session with Hans Schaaij, coordinator of a Dutch initiative to build self-sustainable ecovillages. The residents of these ecovillages are the first group of users to test the routing and allocation of our network. After these tests, we will scale up testing by inviting community developers for a public alpha. One of the first lessons Hans gave us: provide big icons in the mobile UI for the elderly. Making things easier is very much about being inclusive. That's what we won't forget Hans :-)

 Campaign growth

Next week, we are presenting the project at the Dutch event Bitcoin Wednesday. If you are around, we welcome you to have a chat with us. At Bitcointalk we also held a banner contest, the results of which you may find among different news outlets. We thank all participants for their creativity.

 Latest publications

Joachim recently touched upon the inner workings of the hybrid token system in a recent article picked up by NewsBTC. Currently we write multiple articles every week to showcase all the aspects of the system before the crowdfund starts. Still, if anything about the project is unclear, just ask. We aim for transparency.

 Ways to support

Like the project? You can help out by giving it a *Star* through your Twitter account on Cyber Fund. If you have a suggestion for a blockchain event where we really should be, drop us an email and we´ll try to come by.

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