Last week we opened up the Early Bird registration on the mailinglist, for anyone interested to step in before the launch March 21st. We thank our readers for the first batch of signups. You rock! Interested in becoming an early participant with a discount? Take a look at the [Early Birds terms]( and leave us a message at . Next week, direct participation via the website opens up.

The HYBRID assets in the crowdfund will offer rewards for at least the upcoming 3 years, with a stake in future projects of the Internet of Coins ecosystem. What will we be doing during this period? You can check our roadmap for the expected development cycle, and how we intend to invest the capital raised.

The crowdfund will take place in the course over 3 months, starting March 21st and ending June 21st, when summer finally has arrived. We now have published the asset pricing differentiation over the weeks. All funds are allocated at [our financial custodian] (, and will be fully refunded if the minimum threshold for the crowdfund is not reached.

Development evolution

Amadeus' last article about the implementation of Tor and I2P into the client got some positive feedback, thanks everyone for that! At Bitcoin Wednesday Amsterdam we have recently given a presentation about the inner workings of the client, and provided a demo to show our current GUI. You can find it here . Be sure to check it out if you have any questions left about the system we're building. In the meantime, Joachim has taken some to time to describe what is under the hood of the Weavechain , a vital part of the client.

Campaign growth

The Chinese site is now being polished online, with Arabic in the works. Since we got picked up by several Asian sites, the traffic has exploded and we even had a moment of downtime. An Eastern version of the Slashdot effect :-) We welcome Ronny Boesing, CEO of OpenLedger , as our latest member of the Board of Recommendation. Ronny has successfully brought the decentralized exchange OpenLedger to the market, and will advise us in achieving the same for Internet of Coins.

Latest publications

Lately, we have been featured at [CryptocoinsNews] ( , [Cointelegraph] ( and [] ( and according to our agents apparently two American TV channels. Friday, you can catch us at the [BlockchainUA] ( event in Kiev. On Monday, we will participate in a live streamed interview, which you can check out [here] ( . You can always find our previous publications [on our developer blog] ( .

Ways to support

Like the project? You can help us out by giving it a Star with your Twitter account on [Cyber Fund] ( . You can also follow us at [@internetofcoins] ( to spread the word further. We recently became a worldwide sponsor of [Coinfest] ( . If you are looking for a nice event, go check them out.

Thank you for taking the time to read our updates, we´ll be in touch again next week!

Yours sincerely, Amadeus, George, Jelle, Joachim, Marjon, Matthias, Pim, Robert, Sergey and Steffen

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