To our first e-mail update for the Internet of Coins project. In light of our upcoming fundraiser, we would like explain to you what to expect. Because we aim to be transparent in our communication: if you already frequently visit our Bitcointalk forum thread, read our weblog, watch our vlogs, read our opinion pieces and comb through our tweets, you won't miss out on a thing. If you don't, these e-mails will provide a nice packaged bundle of information regarding the progress of the Internet of Coins project and the latest updates regarding the upcoming fundraiser, starting March 21st. We will update you once per week.

 Quick recap: what IS Internet of Coins?

Internet of Coins (IoC) is a platform which allows you to trade digital assets and currencies peer to peer, with an easy to use interface and the opportunity to earn fees from each other by participating in the network. Under the hood, we have been building the client to support the different currency systems for the past two years. The first deliverable is the wallet to control them, arriving this summer. It supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, NXT, Counterparty and LISK out of the box. 

 Development evolution

Next week, we are starting developer vlogs to keep everyone update on the parts under the hood. The biggest update right now is that the LISK chain has been stabilized and interacts properly with the wallet API. Many thanks to LISKs Max Kordek for his support on this. We are in the process of finishing up the alpha to ship it to our test group in the Netherlands. You can find our published code here.

 Campaign growth

Last week we were featured as keynote speakers at the Blockchain Expo London. We'll be uploading the video to our youtube channel. In the meantime, several additional crowdfunding listing sites have contacted us for interviews. Currently, we are listed at Cyber Fund, and expect to be popping up on more places across the web soon. Translations are being set up, so people can view the site and the client in their local language. We welcome Marjon, our new Translation Coordinator for this.

 Latest publications

Joachim recently wrote an article about our foundations philosophy, which gives an impression of our line of thought with the foundation. Fun fact: the guys at Matthias Klees' Federated Blockchain Initiative already made a nice shoutout in their latest animation about EuropeCoin, one of many tokens that will connect to the Internet of Coins.

 Ways to support

Love the project? You can help out by giving it a *Star* through your Twitter account on Cyber Fund. We are setting up bounties for our social media ambassadors as well. More on those next time. 

Thank you for taking the time to read our updates,
we´ll be in touch again next week!

Yours sincerely,

The team behind Internet of Coins - Amadeus, George, Jelle, Joachim, Marjon, Matthias, Pim, Robert, Sergey and Steffen


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