If this is your first e-mail update, you can always read the previous ones at our weblog. And remember: the fundraiser starts March 21st. We send these updates once per week.

 Topic of this week: trust

With Internet of Coins (IoC) we aim to create a trustless environment in which the security of your value transfer is not dependent on the assumption that you are to trust the person on the other side of the network willing to trade. However, the fundraiser, which we are organizing to scale this project, does require trust. And for that, you sometimes may like a third party to review your options. Which is why we are currently under assessment by rating agencies Smith & Crown and ICOrating. Internet of Coins is are already listed at Cyber Fund. Through our cooperation with established escrow partner NLnet, we aim to provide a solid basis for long-term continuity. Their 20-year experience as an organisation supporting open-source initiatives has been a great help. But of course don´t believe just us; perform your own critical assessment. Especially before participating in any crowdfund.

 Development evolution

Our alphatest is almost ready for deployment. Amadeus has worked hard to build the interface for the hardware wallets we are providing to the testers; mainstream users who have asked for a pilot to use cryptocurrencies as a replacement for fiat currency within their community. We have had some requests for a Slack channel, and will set up one to keep in touch with the development community. We usually steer clear of proprietary software, but in this case we´ll make an exception ;-)

 Campaign growth

We are multilingual! A team of community translators joined us from Bitcointalk.org who are now translating all our announcements to Chinese, Dutch, German, French, Greek, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. Including these e-mail updates, so you can always find one in a language of your choice on the boards. Site translations are in the works, expect to see new language options next week. We will also start recruiting some social media ambassadors.

 Latest publications

Tatiana Moroz from CryptoMediaHub interviewed Joachim on her show about Internet of Coins. It is a very good introduction to what the network has to offer and what technologies we are using. You can view the interview here.

Currently we are also working on the Funding Terms, to make sure they are available for everyone before the fundraiser starts.

 Ways to support

Love the project? You can help out by giving it a *Star* through your Twitter account on Cyber Fund. If you have a suggestion for a blockchain event where we really should be, drop us an email and we´ll try to come by.

Thank you for taking the time to read our updates,
we´ll be in touch again next week!

Yours sincerely,

The team behind Internet of Coins - Amadeus, George, Jelle, Joachim, Marjon, Matthias, Pim, Robert, Sergey and Steffen


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