Developing our Hardware Node

The first prototype boards for the development of an open source Internet of Coins hardware node have finally landed on our development workbench. They feature a cool 2GB of RAM and quad-core ARM processor. Additionally, they will be outfitted with an embedded, custom-built and secure operating system, based on best-of-breed software from the Armbian project and using Debian GNU/Linux as a base. In the first instance, our Early Birds will be entitled to take part in the public beta launch for our node ecosystem. Stay tuned for more information on this amazing development in upcoming newsletters.

Virtual Machines and DIY

For those that are not so lucky to take part in our hardware node pioneer project, we will make Virtual Machine images available that provide a standardised environment from which to run a node on any computer that supports VirtualBox (an open source product made available by Oracle, originally created by Sun Microsystems). Of course, hardcore experts will be able to DIY (Do It Yourself) by cloning our node software directly from github, where the alpha wallet code will be made available around the end of the fundraising period and regularly updated as our codebase grows and matures. But for all those users looking for something more accessible, the Virtual Machine images will help to bridge the divide and get up and running with Internet of Coins in a hands-on approach.

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