404K HYBRIDs registered

At the Internet of Coins Dutch headquarters we were happy to see the fundraiser counter jump to 404,000 HYBRIDs registered yesterday. Most of the donations have been sent in Ethereum and Bitcoin, but we see the NEM, WAVES, NXT, Counterparty and Bitshares community participating as well. As we are entering the last two weeks of the crowdfunding campaign, we thank all who already decided to be part of our journey.

ICO Alert report

Thanks to the hard work of key members in our team, we have received a positive review from ICO Alert. From the report (p.4): "[...] the scalability and broad scope of vision to link stores of value even beyond mere cryptocurrency pairs makes Internet of Coins a very exciting project.". We are happy they share our vision and congratulate our team members for their great work in the further accreditation of the project.

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