A great start of the year

In the past weeks, our team has been busy cleaning code, extending the API and scheduler, crushing bugs and revising the security features in our node to node protocol. We are very happy to welcome several talented new programmers to our team. Also joining us are marketing experts, to help us improve our online and offline presence.

Availability of the HYBRID tokens

The most frequent questions we receive these days are about where our crowdfund participants can see their tokens, or when they will receive and be able to use them.

In line with our milestones roadmap published on our website, the Internet of Coins beta wallet will be released in Q1 (end of March 2018). After release, the HYBRID tokens will be distributed on this wallet.

Then why are some XHY tokens already traded on exchanges? Right after the crowdfund in 2017 there was a limited window of time (until August 1st 2017) in which highly experienced crypto experts could send in a request to claim their tokens if they wanted to maintain them in 7 manually created wallets. Because of these experts, you can see some tokens are already being traded, for instance on EtherDelta.

The final release of the tokens for all our supporters (not just the crypto experts) will take place after Q1, in a safe way, when our IoC beta wallet has been released. By that time all participants will be contacted via the e-mail address that was used to participate in the crowdfund. Make sure you still have control of this email address! From that moment on all participants will be able to receive their tokens.

Mining HYBRID tokens

Another question we often get is whether it is possible to mine Internet of Coins tokens. The short answer is no. We don't have that option since we did not choose for a 'mining' release model. You can however participate actively in the network and serve as an allocation node, which will earn you fees for swapping cryptocurrencies for others. See our roadmap for an indication of when these features will become available.

Thank you for reading our newsletter, and for your interest in our project. A special thanks to all who participated in our crowdfund. You are receiving this e-mail because you have either signed up for the Internet of Coins e-mail updates, participated in the crowdfund or have previously been in touch with one of our team members. This newsletter will be sent out once every two weeks to keep our supporters updated about our developments.

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