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As of this week, Robert (dotrego) and Sander (codasiren) will represent Internet of Coins on the official Telegram channel. The Telegram channel was created at the same time the fundraiser was closing, by Telegram users Cattani and Net Indexed. Special shoutout to these two users for their determined support for Internet of Coins!

Internet of Coins ISOC award 2018 nominee

Last January, our founders Joachim de Koning and Robert de Groot attended the Internet Innovation Awards 2018 (Dutch link). Internet of Coins was nominated by the Dutch chapter of the Internet Society, an organisation focused on maintaining openness and transparency of the Internet. Even though our wallet is still in alpha phase, we received an honorable mention at the awards due to its social relevance in promoting a free and open Internet.

Internet of Coins is runner up bij de internet Innovation Awards van Isoc! Ook een onze succesprojecten!

— valerie frissen (@vfrissen) 11 januari 2018

Altcoin Implementation

Devs have been working on simplifying altcoin implementation. In the future it will be easier for altcoins on supported blockchains to join IoC by defining a transactional program in the recipe. A powerful extension which also provides interesting possibilities for smart contracts.

API documentation

Also, last few weeks we have been working on upgrading the API. Making it more friendly by providing suggestions, alternatives, and help and error messages. An API should serve the user not the other way around.

Availability of the HYBRID tokens

In line with our milestones roadmap published on our website, the Internet of Coins beta wallet will be released in Q1 (end of March 2018). After release, the HYBRID tokens will be distributed on this wallet.

Then why are some XHY tokens already traded on exchanges?

Right after the crowdfund in 2017 there was a limited window of time (until August 1st 2017) in which supporters could send in a request to claim their tokens if they wanted to maintain them in 7 manually created wallets. The technical difficulty accommodated with this process led to a very small group of supporters to become an early holder. Because of these early holders, you can see some tokens are already being traded, for instance on EtherDelta.

The final release of the tokens for all other supporters will take place after Q1, in a safe way, when our IoC beta wallet has been released. By that time all participants will be contacted via the e-mail address that was used to participate in the crowdfund. Make sure you still have control of this email address! From that moment on all participants will be able to receive their tokens.

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