Time for an update! Where to begin... since the whitepaper release at the Dutch Bitcoin Embassy on the sixth birthday of the blockchain back in January, we've had a surge in media attention; for example via Yahoo! and a CoinTelegraph interview. After the announcement and the followup, our focus shifted back to development.

Joachim will provide a blogpost in the upcoming weeks to give a technological update, but I can say the API is looking very sturdy, yet still userfriendly. In the meantime, take a look at the video below, which I posted some time ago via Twitter. It regards the future of digital currencies after mainstream adoption, and coincides with our longterm expectations. This is one of the reasons we started building of an interconnecting client for value transactions:

Next week we intend to discuss our vision with Andreas Antonopoulos, when he visits Amsterdam. [As long the announcement is not an April Fool's stunt of course...] We also wanted to let you know we have been in touch with an incubator and recently signed up for a startup competition in The Netherlands. More on that next time!

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