Internet of Coins joins Blockstack Universal Wallet challenge

We’ve got news! Recently, we already mentioned there would be an announcement via our Telegram group. Many of you were very curious and could not wait for this article. Because of our belief in collaboration and simplicity, we always look for possible integrations to increase the user experience without affecting the decentralized character of our wallet.

We came across Blockstack's challenge for a universal wallet:

"Increased interoperability and collaboration between projects will only hasten the pace of innovation — and making each project’s atomic unit of value accessible across communities is critical. That’s why we are partnering with ShapeShift to enable an open source wallet where users can hold and exchange most, if not all current and future forms of tokens, all in a decentralized manner."

The application requirements almost literally describes the Internet of Coins wallet. We have therefore submitted our application, as we have arrived at a point where we can begin to explore the support of third party modules. More features for everyone!

Robert de Groot,


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