Imagine this: one wallet for all cryptocurrencies and tokens.

Our solution to adopt and promote liquidity for all crypto technologies is dead simple. Whether you are a developer, the owner of a token, or you just like very obscure tokens, you can submit a recipe for a token to be adopted by our platform really, really easily!

Introducing recipes

Currently, our wallet supports 16 different blockchains and over 400 different tokens. This number is growing every day! People in our community and developers from other projects are submitting recipes and adding support for more projects in the wallet.

Even though the world of cryptotechnologies is very diverse, similarities can be found. You can divide the technologies that can be held in a wallet roughly in two different types of assets: tokens that are distributed on an existing blockchain, and altcoins distributed on their own independent blockchain.

Most tokens look very much alike. This is because in order to create most tokens, you do not need to change the code of a certain protocol or develop a blockchain from square one; projects can often just follow a template for a specific blockchain to create the tokens and issue them via an ICO. This is often done with smart contracts and can even be done within 20 minutes.

Different altcoins (and their blockchain systems) have multiple aspects that are based of of each other, too. They aren’t necessarily derived directly from the Bitcoin protocol, but still have features that are similar.

Since the founding of Internet of Coins back in 2014, we believed in a blockchain agnostic platform. A secure and truly decentralized place where you can access all blockchains and have support for all tokens.

Today we bring you and the whole crypto ecosystem one step closer with our recipe guide.

Adding your token to our platform with a recipe

So what is a recipe?

Our wallet works modular, which makes integrating new tokens a breeze. A recipe is a collection of the characteristics of a token in the form of a configuration file. You need to collect 7 different characteristics, insert them in a template and submit it. The characteristics are freely available and easy to find.

Developers can head to our Github to edit and submit their recipe. We will then test it before launching in the public wallet.

Our recipe model is very effective in adding support for the first type of assets, the tokens. In order to add a token to the wallet, you can submit the recipe by creating a GitHub Pull request at our public repository. After our developers have reviewed the request, the token can be added to the wallet for you and other users!

Adding support for a new altcoin is more technologically advanced. Currently, the recipe model does not support adding new altcoins and blockchain systems. If you have requests, you can always contact us.

Get started with our easy 3-step guide:

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