Two months ago, we started distribution of the HYBRID tokens. Most people have by now figured out how to view their HYBRID tokens and after some bugfixes the transactions on the Ethereum blockchain now work like a charm.

Over the past few weeks we have been working hard to implement BitShares in our wallet. Most obstacles have been overcome and are working properly in the backend. One issue however remains. The issue is related to generating BitShares addresses for the Internet of Coins wallet.

A statement from founder Joachim de Koning:

We have thus far implemented BitShares, however, the account generator faucets that are hosted by BitShares and Openledger are not functioning correctly. This has caused a bottleneck in creating new accounts in BitShares.

We have contacted the BitShares community to find out how we can resolve this issue.

These are the technical difficulties we spoke about in our previous newsletter issue. For our supporters this means that the distribution of the HYBRID tokens on the BitShares blockchain (BTS.XHY) will be delayed until further notice.

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