Our Telegram channel is booming!

Last newsletter, we announced that we have joined the Telegram community. Since then, 120+ members joined, adding the total number up to 200 members in the channel. If you haven't yet: join the conversation here!

Return to Bitcoin City

Last Friday, one of our members was asked to speak about Internet of Coins at the Dutch Arnhem Bitcoin City meetup. The night was a blast! We have had a lot of positive reactions and people joining the community.

Our API refreshed and rejuvenated

One of our developers has been busy making the API respond in a more humane way to requests. After someone queries the API it returns a helpful message instead of an error code that no human understands.

Website overhaul coming up

As you may have noticed, our website hasn't had a large update since the crowdfund ended. Most of the team's effort has been put into development for the Internet of Coins client.

To support our wallet beta release, our marketing team is currently working on a new website. The new site will be designed to better match the vision of Internet of Coins with our online presence. It will be a lot faster, cleaner and will provide easy access to the wallet. We will keep you informed on when to expect the overhaul!

Water cooler chat

Join our virtual water cooler chat channel on Riot! For those working on Internet of Coins abroad, we have created a channel to keep more informally in touch. Everyone will be sharing music to keep everyone motivated and energized.

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