We are running a bounty of $500 for the development of a Faucet for generating BitShares addresses. Apply now!

We are currently working on the Internet of Coins wallet v1. The faucet will enable us to finish the token distribution to our crowdfunders, as well as support the BitShares system fully on our platform.


The current bottleneck with supporting BitShares lies in how their BitShares addresses are created. We already wrote about this earlier. The current available faucets are simply not sufficient to provide our wallet users a reliable service.

As we want to support all blockchains, we have decided to set up an additional, decentralized faucet to create addresses. This, to help both our and the BitShares community. We are running a bounty of $500 in BTC.

Any developer with an understanding of the BitShares ecosystem is welcome to join.






  • Faucet can be set up from existing parts or coded from scratch.
  • Node.js (https://nodejs.org/en/) is preferred, but all languages are accepted
  • A VPS will be provided as development environment
  • Best practices in development are expected; e.g. comments
  • Two applicants will be chosen to build the solution individually
  • Bounty will be paid in BTC, after quality check
  • Further details can be provided after selection


  • Application deadline: September 21st, 2018
  • Delivery deadline: October 8th, 2018

Apply now!

Apply directly via bounties@internetofcoins.org, or contact us for more information via Telegram or Twitter.

Please, send us:

  • A link to (one of your) repositories with some of your existing code
  • Your experience with BitShares
  • Your preferred programming language

For additional technical information, contact our developers via our Riot channel

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